Generally, the transactions in which we are engaged to represent either a buyer or seller in the sale of an on-going business have a value of between $500,000 and $50,000,000. Just during the last five years, we have been engaged in an average of 8-9 transactions per year with an average deal size of $3.5M. However, over the years we have handled several transactions in the range of $20-$50 million dollars. While such transactions are commonly referred to as mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the most popular form of acquisition is an asset sale. However, larger transactions may be structured as a stock sale or merger. Not only do we serve as legal counsel to our clients in such M&A transactions, but we also advise our clients on tax planning and tax consequences of the proposed transactions.

During our more than 30 years of experience, we have handled complex transactions with the largest law firms in the country, including those representing public companies. Even though we are a small boutique law firm, we have the knowledge, capability and experience to represent both buyers and sellers in M&A transactions wherever occurring.

The following are some of the significant transactions in which we have recently been involved:

Buyer Side

  • Purchase of assets of a for-profit school licensed by the State of Florida.
  • Purchase of assets, including real estate, of a ready-mix concrete business located in Central Florida.
  • Purchase of stock of departing doctors in a specialty medical practice by existing shareholders/doctors.
  • Purchase of stock of retiring majority shareholder by remaining shareholder of a regional hoist and rigging company.
  • Purchase of assets of a clinical trial company operating in the Midwest.
  • Purchase of assets of a seafood company operating in both retail and wholesale.
  • Purchase of retiring shareholder’s stock in a specialty manufacturing company.
  • Purchase of a deceased shareholder’s stock by surviving shareholder of a gymnastics business operating
  • throughout the State of Florida.
  • Purchase of controlling shareholder’s interest by a minority partner in a resort hotel and restaurant located in the Northeast.
  • Purchase of a controlling shareholder’s interest by a minority shareholder of a franchised HVAC company.

Seller Side

  • Represented multiple shareholders in a “cash-out” merger of a national healthcare business to a venture capital fund.
  • Sale of assets of a ready-mix concrete business to a regional competitor.
  • Represented husband and wife shareholders in a cash and stock merger of an industrial parts business to a Canadian public company.
  • Represented two dentists in the sale of a multi-office practice to a national professional service organization.
  • Sale of assets of a licensed contracting business funded by an SBA loan.
  • Sale of stock of a ready-mix concrete business to an international company seeking to begin business in Florida.
  • Sale of assets of a professional service business to a national competitor.
  • Sale of stock of an industrial power supply business to a west coast company seeking an eastern presence.
  • Sale of assets of a pharmaceutical supply company to a regional competitor.
  • Sale of assets of a franchised restaurant business to the Franchisor.