Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts of any kind is another service we provide to our clients on a daily basis. While not all contracts have to be in writing to be valid, when either party reduces their agreement to writing, it becomes vital then to properly document each party’s obligations, rights and duties and also to address the consequences of a party’s failure to perform their obligations. While the law generally allows parties to freely enter into contracts based on arms-length negotiations, there are many state and federal laws that may regulate the subject matter or terms of your contract.

These contracts may include employment agreements, restrictive covenant agreements (non-competes), confidentiality agreements, independent contractor agreements, leases of real property and equipment, ground leases, customer contracts, loan agreements, shareholder agreements, partnership and joint venture agreements, license agreements and franchise agreements.

We bring our many years of experience in a multitude of industries to contract drafting, review and negotiation to guide our clients through their contracts to assure that not only the terms are clear and unambiguous, but also are compliant with applicable state and federal law. Oftentimes a quick review by us can result in avoiding a critical mistake or in saving the client form future losses or damages.