Cybersecurity, and planning for the possibility of cyberattacks, is another issue that all businesses must confront and consider in this day and age. It incorporates privacy and data security, but goes beyond simply protecting data. Corporations most consider ways to prevent unauthorized access and damage to their electronic systems. 

When most people think of cybersecurity, they tend to think of making sure that a business’s server, website, and e-mail systems are protected from hackers. But it also includes preventing systems from physical intrusion and unauthorized access - including from disgruntled or fired workers or subcontractors who may leave holes in their own security systems that allow intruders to bypass your security. 

Unfortunately, no matter how many policies and procedures that a business puts in place, there will be circumstances where they fail and a data breach happens. On top of dealing with a public relations headache, businesses will also have to contend with state laws requiring notifications of data breaches, insufficient insurance, and if the business did not have a good security policy, the possibility of lawsuits from disgruntled customers.

We can advise your business on ways to implement security policies and potentially mitigate damages from a data breach. Using our experience with both technology and businesses, we will work with you to help you find a balance between security and your employees and customers’ expectations.