About Glazier, Glazier, & Dietrich P.A.

Florida Based Corporate and Business Attorneys Serving Individuals and Businesses Since 1995

Glazier, Glazier, & Dietrich P.A. is a Jacksonville-based corporate and business law firm navigating many of the unique issues that encompass a sound business evolution and wealth management strategy.  Our firm was founded in 1995 and serves a broad range of clients in the corporate law and estate planning arenas in Northeast Florida.

Since its inception, our firm has valued offering our clients strategic counsel that considers a multitude of possible scenarios and the impact a particular strategy would have on our client’s long-term financial health. Today, we are focused on guiding corporations, start-up companies, and high-net-worth individuals through the trajectory of their business growth and financial and estate planning.

Our Mission

Our mission to provide practical advice, offer a personal approach and achieve proven results is ingrained in our value system and makes our firm one of the most respected business law firms in the state.

Practical Advice

Whether assisting clients with the evolution of their business or creating a strategy for its next phase, our mission to provide clients with sound legal counsel remains at the forefront. Our firm is focused on adding tremendous value to the services we offer by guaranteeing that our clients receive rational, practical, and straightforward advice.

Personal Approach

With decades of entrepreneurial and legal experience, our attorneys have firsthand knowledge of what drives a successful business. In order to meet our client’s ongoing business goals, we focus on solutions, capitalize on opportunities and aim to minimize threats that could harm our client’s business.  We take pride in making ourselves completely accessible to our clients, forming a relationship that encourages camaraderie and partnership.

Proven Results

We prove our expertise is unrivaled by consistently achieving favorable results for our clients, which often leave them positioned advantageously for the next phase. Because our expertise is all-encompassing and considers every aspect of a healthy financial position, we offer legal services that move beyond the immediate needs of the business or wealth portfolio and into its future succession and planning goals. 

Our Areas of Focus

Our team of seasoned attorneys offer insightful, comprehensive, and focused representation to a broad range of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, emerging health and technology firms, and high-net-worth individuals in Florida and beyond. We focus on the following practice areas:

Our services include corporate transactions, such as mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures & strategic alliances, private equity & venture capital, executive compensation planning, federal and state tax planning, and business structuring advice. When considering the next phase of our clients’ endeavors, our services include estate planning and trust administration, consisting of wills, probate, and trust allocation and management. 

Corporate & Business Attorneys in Florida

As entrepreneurs ourselves we maintain a comprehensive view of our client’s short and long term goals. Whether counseling through a complex transaction or exploring options for the future, we provide partner-level services to each of our clients. 

If you are a business, corporation or high-net-worth individual looking for a law firm that offers practical advice, a personal approach, and proven results contact us. Learn how we can put our combined 50 years of experience to work for you. 

The firm caters to companies ranging from locally-owned start-ups to national and international companies doing business in Florida and beyond, with particular expertise in a wide range of the healthcare, technology, professional services, and franchise industries. With a robust, ongoing practice that sees our attorneys closing several corporate transactions a week, our experience level is unparalleled and emerges as a tremendous asset for our corporate clients. When entering into a complex business agreement, our clients appreciate working with attorneys who can address the deal from multiple seats at the table. 

Entrepreneurs and Industry-Leading Attorneys

As entrepreneurs and attorneys, we provide an enormous amount of value by spotting and addressing typical issues and resolving them in a solution-focused manner. Our ability to guide our clients through the process – in a manner that puts them at ease and confirms they are in the best possible hands – is one of the firm’s signature characteristics. 

Our firm’s business attorneys are consistently recognized as industry-leading professionals that stand out among their peers. Rated Martindale-Hubbell AV-Preeminent – the highest peer-reviewed ranking available – partner Scott Glazier’s experience ranges from structuring a $240 million joint venture agreement to closing a merger agreement of a national wound care facility and a private equity fund and executing various private placement offerings totaling up to $5 million.

Scott serves as the Transactional Law Section Chairman of the Jacksonville Bar Association. Positioned as a thought leader with in-depth knowledge of how best to structure corporate deals, Scott is also a prolific member of several industry and trade associations, including the American Health Lawyers Association and the Small Business Resource Network.

A Law Firm You Can Trust

Whether you’re a seasoned executive, successful start-up venture, or burgeoning franchise, working with a law firm that uniquely understands corporate law is critical to achieving your business objectives. Our firm’s attorneys counsel clients through each cycle of their business, ensuring they’re offering practical advice that will keep their dealings sound for the long-term. 

Rather than waiting for your next transaction to arise, consider working with a practical, approachable, and proven law firm to evaluate and reconsider your ongoing business growth strategy. Contact our firm today to receive insightful guidance before making your next big move.