Technology and technology-focused businesses face growing challenges in this new age. From software developers and resellers to managed service providers to virtual companies taking traditional businesses online, they must manage privacy, cyber-security, software rights, intellectual property licensing, and other technology-specific issues as well as general corporate matters that all businesses face.

We have years of experience in corporate matters, as well as attorneys who are familiar with the issues facing technology-focused businesses, and we are able to help and advise you and your businesses by combining these areas of expertise.

We also help you to understand and advise you on the best ways to manage the general corporate matters that all businesses face. As with other businesses, making sure you choose the best entity and tax structure for your business allows you to get started from the best possible position.

We can examine and customize contracts, employment agreements, licensing agreements, and service agreements to deal specifically with a number of issues in the technology arena that may sometimes be overlooked or receive insufficient attention in standard contracts, while also ensuring that contracts also protect you and your business in all general corporate areas.

Taking your business to the next level by buying other businesses, expanding, or selling to an interested party, can also be complicated for technology businesses, especially as privacy regulations change. The same issues arise when you are building a business succession plan. These issues can get quite complex and the buyers may attempt to shift more risk to you. Our experience in managing these transactions and with the technology aspects specifically will allow us to help you find a solution that balances risk and profit.

If you have a technology or technology-focused business, we would be happy to help you navigate the ins and outs of the legal world. Contact us today!